Thursday, November 8, 2012

Good Morning Bloggers

It's another cool Fall morning here in Texas, and I love it!  Something about cooler weather puts me in a good mood, just makes me feel good.  As I'm sitting here at my computer typing this post, I'm looking out my bedroom window at the beautiful scenery outside my apartment, and my dogs are both asleep next to me...awwww, they're so sweet.  We have an awesome fishing pond with ducks, beautiful trees changing colors, birds flying by... :-)  On another note, my computer is old and acting it's age, lol, and giving me troubles, grrrrr.  Have a happy day :-)

Here's a picture of my dogs sleeping, they love to take their daily naps, and usually when I'm sitting at my computer, they're right here with me. 
The dog in the kennel is my Corgi named Gus, and he loves the kennel as you can see by this photo.  He'll be 6 in December. 
The dog on my bed is my oldest son's dog, Thor, (well both dogs are the family's dogs.)  He's a Jackrat, a mix of Jack Russell Terrier and Rat Terrier.  He will be 1 on Nov. 17th.  They are spoiled rotten, and me and my boys love them dearly.  I will post more photos of them soon. 

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